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How to Change Your Driving Habits

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

This month with Whitgift Hire, we would like to explain how you can save money by changing your driving habits. A lot of the time we hop into our vehicles to get to places quickly for our own convenience, so it’s easy to forget to do simple checks.

Habits form swiftly because life moves so fast, and we accidently leave things on, keep those heavy golf clubs in the boot and press too hard on the accelerator from time to time. This article is a simple reminder to help you get back into the good old habits, we all had to start with.

Bad habits you should change, to save you money.

  • Harsh braking – will result in early replacement of your brake pads and a shorter lifespan for your tyres. Go easy when you brake and they’ll last longer.
  • Driving fast – your vehicle is consuming fuel more quickly than it should. You may arrive on time, or possibly earlier than expected but you’re making your trips much more expensive.
  • Low tyre pressures – if you don’t check your tyre pressure before a long journey and they’re not at their optimal pressure, this’ll make your vehicle work harder to shift. Not only that, but usually if your tyre is flat – there’s a problem! This could be due to something serious, puncture, defect or could mean they’re worn out! Should you notice an issue with your wheels; pull over. If you carry on, you can cause permanent damage that’ll increase the costs rapidly. Not only that, but a flat tyre can result in poor control of the car and you’re increasing the potential of an accident or worse, death.
  • Driving in rush hour – what’s usually a 20 minute journey can end up doubled or more. If you can, avoid peak times or get a hybrid vehicle that’ll consume less fuel and is better for the environment.
  • Windows down – having the windows open when you’re driving at a decent speed can cause drag, using up excess petrol. Vehicles are generally built to be aerodynamic to reduce this ‘drag’. Use your air-conditioning to avoid this, you’ll see the difference – for proof, consult your petrol gauge.
  • Excess weight – we’re all guilty for leaving boxes of belongings in the car we’ve been meaning to take to the charity shop. Ensure you do it because you’re only costing yourself more by leaving it in your car! Unnecessary weight is just another factor to extra fuel consumption.
  • Rapid acceleration – by accelerating hard and fast, you’re pushing your car to work over time and can cause accidents. It’s vital you drive responsibly to ensure safety on the roads.
  • Air-conditioning – unless it’s really hot or you’re demisting the windows, it’s unnecessary to have this on all the time. This can be easily forgotten about and can be the reason why your fuel is going down so quickly!

It goes without saying, if you drive sensibly you will avoid quick wear and tear and reduce your fuel expenses. It’s the ultimate win-win, here at Whitgift Hire we want to encourage you to save, so you get the most out of a vehicle and make simple savings that’ll accumulate to large savings over time.

If you would like to get in touch for more information regarding our services, please contact us today and a friendly advisor will help you on your way.

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