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Car Hire Checklist: Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Car

Posted on by Whitgift Hire Team

Don’t sweat about hiring a car – make it a stress-free process by following our simple car hire checklist.

car hire checklist

Car Hire Checklist

Be prepared to ensure your transaction is as straightforward as it can be. Whether you need a bigger car for travelling at home or outside the UK, there are several things you should take note of.

Before you leave

  • Book a rental car.
  • Print your confirmation voucher, one for your reference and one for the car hire.
  • Consider insurance – although not vital you may want to purchase at your own discretion.

For most companies within the UK and Ireland:

You will need to collect your Licence Check Code, which can be done on the DVLA website. When you get to their page, you will need to fill in your licence number, postcode, and National Insurance number. When you fill this out correctly, you will obtain your Licence Check Code, which will be valid for 21 days so remember do it in time. (If you’re hiring a car abroad, you will not need to worry)

What you need

  • When you make a booking to rent a car, you will be given a reference number within the confirmation email confirming the total price, car you have booked, and the commencing date.
  • Prove your identification with your photocard licence. If you do not have a photocard licence then you can use your paper licence as long as all of your details are correct – including your current home address.
  • You must bring a valid payment card in the main driver’s name to provide a security deposit in case there are any damages, speeding fines or fuel charges when the car is returned. (Your deposit is given back in full, if the car is just as it was when you received it.)
  • 2 documents to prove your address – passport, bank statements or a utility bill should be provided.

What to do when you collect

  • Inspect your hire car and check it over to take note of any damages prior your own usage and point them out to your agent. (Don’t pay for something you didn’t do!)
  • Check the fuel level; each car hire is different so you will want to ask them about their fuel policy.

What to do when you return the vehicle

  • Make the most of your car hire, but ensure you drop it back off in good time.
  • Check the fuel and comply to the rules given by your agent.
  • Inspect your car and check you haven’t accidently had any scratches or scrapes.

Given that you have brought the car back in the same condition as it was when you first picked it up, your deposit will automatically be placed back into your account around 5-7 working days.

Here at Whitgift Hire, we want customers to understand how easy hiring a car can be. We hope out car hire checklist has helped and that you have given our article a good read to help this process go quickly and smoothly – to ensure you’re out on the road just on schedule. If you would like any more information, or wish to talk to an agent about hiring our cars, please get in touch today!

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